Lori Sue

Lori Sue is a hair stylist who loves being a professional day-maker. Working as an Associate under the guidance of Senior Stylist Chelsey Boudreau, she is quickly becoming a go-to stylist. Lori Sue loves enabling her clients to feel beautiful and adds extra attention to even the little things – like providing a relaxing head massage during a shampoo. An avid reader, Lori Sue believes the practice enhances all areas of her life including her work. “I believe that if I’m constantly focused on innovative and positive ideas, this not only relieves stress but improves my perspective on life. This changes the way I love and ultimately changes my life.”

Always eager to improve, Lori Sue stays at the top of her game by mastering new techniques and proving there’s nothing she’s not capable of learning when she puts her mind to it. No matter if a guest is receiving a relaxing pedicure or amazing new style, Lori Sue’s goal is for each client to feel like it’s impossible to have a bad day after coming to see her. Simply put, her goal is to make your day! Living an hour outside the salon, Lori Sue feels that the time spent with her clients and Clary Sage Salon family is always well worth the drive.